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B2B SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING                    What's the potential?

In 2016 Facebook is the UK’s top social media network with more than double the number of users of Twitter, Instagram or Google+.  In the UK, Facebook has more than three times the number of users of LinkedIn. Where are you focusing your business to business social media marketing efforts and do you have a strategy in place to do so?  Social media is not going away and it's up to businesses to board the train or get left on the platform.  


The top social media sites in the UK in 2016 in order of most users are:


  • Facebook, 32 million, that's half of the UK population!

  • YouTube, 19.1 million

  • Twitter, 15 million

  • Instagram, 14 million

  • Google+, 12.6 million

  • Pinterest, 10.3 million

  • SnapChat, 10 million

  • LinkedIn, 10 million  


LinkedIn is often the B2B platform of choice but if Facebook is over 3 times larger in the UK, how are B2B businesses also harnessing Facebook for marketing?  Think of Facebook as one of the UK's largest databases.  Some B2B marketing ideas could include paid advertising to build your prospect database by integrating the advert to a website landing form; sharing company culture, milestones and events to put a friendly face to your company image (people like to work with friendly people); sharing brand building images and stories, sharing product or service videos, case studies and testimonials; connecting with your B2B customers and potential customers business pages on Facebook; encouraging egagement by asking questions and polls; enabling reviews and encouraging constructive customer services feedback and engagement.  Many businesses are leveraging the strengths of paid advertising on Google Adwords in conjunction with Facebook paid advertisinng to achieve maximum visibility, increase leads and sales, and find new customers - click here to read more from Wordstream.


Statistics in the infographic below show some worldwide figures for social media users on a monthly basis (notice that only 25% of LinkedIn users are active on a monthly basis).  Worldwide social media users per month are:  Facebook 1.59 billion, YouTube 1.44 billion, Istagram 400 million, LinkedIn 400 million, Twitter 320 million and Pinterest 100 million.   Source: 'Social Marketing' and 'Real Business Rescue'.

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