Digital Marketing: Innovation, Trends and Skills for 2020 & Beyond

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What is innovation marketing?

According to Lead Innovation, “… innovation can only be successful with marketing; and on the other hand, marketing needs innovation for product or service success. Innovation marketing as a discipline encompasses marketing activities in the innovation process. This includes, for example, research into customer needs, concept and prototype tests with customers and the marketing of new products and services.”

Instagram for example, has implemented several innovative marketing techniques to enhance user experiences to give fashion and fitness industry brands the ability to increase the depth of storytelling and sharing success stories.

So what are the major digital marketing trends to harness now and going forward?  What practical strategies will help you to rebuild and become successful?  Ideas worth exploring include harnessing the benefits of: video marketing, virtual events, using social media from discovery to purchase; as well as implementing personalisation, automation and artificial intelligence to drive personal commerce aligned with brand values.

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